About our foundation

Extend your Kiwanis impact on children's livesKiwanians care. We come together. We serve communities. We change children’s lives.

The Kiwanis Children’s Fund is where we extend our Kiwanis impact. When you give to the Children’s Fund, you can make a difference in your own hometown, and you can make a difference in lives a world away.
With assistance from  the Kiwanis Children’s Fund, your generosity has a positive impact near and far, today, tomorrow and forever.

The Kiwanis Children’s Fund partners with clubs and districts in all our Kiwanis nations to help children of the world through Kiwanis-led service projects promoting:

  • Healthy Children
  • Educated Children
  • Leadership Development
  • Priority Children’s Issues
To better reflect our mission of serving children, the Kiwanis International Foundation changed its name to the Kiwanis Children’s Fund in October 2016. Our new name emphasizes the people we serve—children; and the way we serve them--by collecting and distributing funds to meet the most important needs of children. Learn more in a message from Kiwanis International President Jane Erickson and Kiwanis Children’s Fund President Chia Sing Hwang.