July 17–20, 2014
Kiwanis International Convention Tokyo Chiba 2014
Risshakuji Temple
The Risshakuji Temple in Yamadera

Book your hotel with Kiwanis

One of the benefits of being a Kiwanian: You can book your hotel at preferred rates. Fellowship comes as an additional benefit. 

There will be no hotels assigned to particular districts, you may book your room at any of the official Kiwanis hotels. Due to the hotels' close proximity to the convention center, shuttles will not be available.

Be aware that shuttles from the Narita airport no longer stop at individual hotels after 11 p.m., they drop passengers off at the train station. Consult the area map inside the train station before heading to your hotel.

Note: Hotels will not accept reservations directly from Kiwanis convention attendees. Reservations can only be made through Conference Direct, either online starting in January, or via submission of a housing form. 

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Book your hotel online.

Fill out the Hotel Registration form

 Facility  Room type  Single occupancy
(Japanese yen) 
Double occupancy
(Per person)
(Japanese yen)  
Triple occupancy
(Per person)(Japanese yen) 
Hotel New Otani Makuhari  - All rates include breakfast, 10% service charge, and 8% consumption tax 
Standard twin room
 Sold out
 Sold out   X
Moderate twin room  ¥25,494  ¥13,902  ¥10,038
Superior twin room  ¥28,070
 ¥15,190  X

Hotel The Manhattan - All rates include breakfast

Luxury twin room
 ¥24,000  ¥13,000   X
Manhattan standard double room  ¥20,000  ¥11,000   X
Manhattan standard twin room  ¥20,000  ¥11,000   X
 APA Hotel & Resort Tokyo Bay Makuhari - All rates inlcude breakfast Deluxe twin room A  ¥17,000  ¥11,000   X
Casual twin room A  ¥13,000  ¥9,000   X
 Hotel Green Tower Makuhari - All rates include breakfast Twin room  ¥15,000  ¥10,000  ¥7,000
Family room  ¥15,000
 ¥11,000  ¥8,000
Studio twin room  ¥11,000  ¥9,000   X
Economy twin room  ¥11,000  ¥9,000   X
Deluxe single room  ¥11,000  ¥9,000   X
Standard single room  ¥10,000  X   X
 Hotel Francs - All rates include breakfast Single room  ¥9,450 ¥8,000   X
Standard twin room  ¥15,000 ¥8,400  ¥8,000 
 Casual twin room  ¥8,000 ¥8,000  ¥8,000 
Triple room X X
Hotel Springs Makuhari - All rates include breakfast, 10% service charge, and 5% consumption tax
 Standard single room  ¥10,000  X  X
 Deluxe single room ¥13,000   ¥9,000  ¥8,000
 Standard twin room ¥15,000   ¥10,000 ¥9,000 
 Superior twin room ¥16,000   ¥10,500 ¥10,000