July 17–20, 2014
Kiwanis International Convention Tokyo Chiba 2014
Frank Arenz

Frank Arenz

Kiwanis International trustee candidate

Club: Saarbruecken

District: Germany

The candidate in his own words...

Why did you decide to run for office? 

I was encouraged to run for trustee in Frankfurt during the Germany District convention 2013. I would like to continue working for Kiwanis and taking responsibility for our wonderful organization. I like to speak to new people, see (and solve) new problems and help Kiwanis where it is necessary.

What qualifies you to become an officer of Kiwanis International?

I speak English, French and German, and I like to travel. During my 18 years as the leader of the dentists' association in my home state, I learned to speak to people and to convince them of the things that had to be done, good ones and bad ones. As district governor, I worked hard, organized well and decided with responsibility. I have been a Kiwanian for 26 years. 

How will you leave your mark on Kiwanis? 

During the year I was governor in Germany, I founded the "Kiwanis-Foundation Germany". In October 2012, I started with my idea. In November 2013, the task was completed. As trustee, I will fight for The Eliminate Project. At the board, I will work for the bright future of Kiwanis. The new youth exchange can be a promising project to create growth.

Biographical information

Born 1947, doctor in dentistry 1973, married since 1971 to Brigitte. Three children, nine grandchildren. Three years in the hospital as oral surgeon, free practice as dentist from 1976 till 2012. Leader of the dentists' association in my home state for 18 years (1992 to 2010). Kiwanian since 1987.

For more information about Frank, contact his campaign coordinator, Peter Wuellenweber, at pundu.wuellenweber@t-online.de.