July 17–20, 2014
Kiwanis International Convention Tokyo Chiba 2014

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Mr. Ishihara

Dec 09, 2013
Mr. Ishihara

He started calligraphy because he wanted a hobby that was more spiritual. Golf, tennis, did not fulfill him any longer. Through a friend, he found a calligraphy class. The first year, he copied ancient Chinese characters from a medieval textbook. After that, he could attempt to create his own work.

In the Tang Dynasty, it was said that an accomplished gentleman should have knowledge in music, go (a game close to chess), painting and calligraphy. Missing from Mr. Ishihara’s repertory was calligraphy, so he set out to become a gentleman by taking the class.

“In order to write, I have to grind the ink stick, I feel spiritual stability.The handling of the brush carries the depth of the universe.”

Next February, his works will be exhibited in Ginza. Mr. Ishihara certainly has become an accomplished gentleman, though some might say he was one before his interest in calligraphy.

Masayuki Ishihara is the current Japan District secretary.

Experience calligraphy during the Japan culture fair at the Makuhari convention center.