July 17–20, 2014
Kiwanis International Convention Tokyo Chiba 2014

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Connelly recipient Shun Gen saves boy from drowning

Apr 15, 2014

In the Osaka Prefecture last September, Shun Gen was jogging along the Yodo River when he saw something terrible: a young boy had fallen into the water. Mr Shun Gen immediately jumped into the river to attempt a rescue, but the force of the current prevented him from reaching the nine-year-old child. 
Mr. Shun Gen got out of the water and ran along the bank, following the boy as he was carried by the river for about 350 meters. Another person handed a rope to Shun Gen, who jumped back into the water—and finally pulled the boy safely to shore. 
For his heroism, the Kiwanis International Foundation is proud to present Shun Gen with the Robert P. Connelly Medal of Heroism. The medal will be presented at the 2014 Kiwanis International convention in Japan. 
Shun Gen was nominated by Kiwanian Hiroshi Ishikawa, from the Senshu, Osaka, Kiwanis Club.