July 17–20, 2014
Kiwanis International Convention Tokyo Chiba 2014
Kiwanians in Conference
Kiwanians benefit from convention features, including workshops

Convention budgeting

Make sure your club has a voice at the Tokyo-Chiba convention. Make a place in your club’s budget. Include funds for two club representatives to attend the 2014 Kiwanis International convention. Delegates need to fill out the certificate of election of club delegates and alternates to the Kiwanis International convention.

As required by the Kiwanis International bylaws, the funds for sending club delegates will come from your club's administrative budget. When you calculate the budget for the convention, here are the costs you should consider covering for two people:

  • Registration fee and select ticketed events
  • Travel
  • Hotel accommodations
  • Per diem
If your club needs some guidance with budgeting, a template for a club budget is available in the Leadership Guide. Go to the treasurer’s section to find the template.

In the meantime, we hope you’ll take the opportunity to send club delegates to the upcoming convention. They’ll vote on issues shaping the future of Kiwanis. And they’ll return better equipped to help your club serve your community.

After all, representation at Kiwanis International convention is more than just a line item in your club’s budget. It’s your club’s voice.