Kiwanis-family grants

​Twice each year the Kiwanis International Foundation awards grants to the Kiwanis family in support of our common mission—to serve the children of the world. Our foundation welcomes grant applications from clubs, districts and district foundations for the important projects they support.

The types of projects we fund vary in size, depth and scope, with priority given to projects involving children and Service Leadership Programs. Grants can be used to help projects that are already in place or ones just getting started. All grant-funded projects benefit from a strong commitment from the applicant, demonstrated through significant financial and volunteer support.

Grants from our foundation are intended to improve or increase the reach of each funded project by filling a financial gap. Our foundation does not have the capacity to fund projects almost entirely on behalf of the applicant. Before submitting a grant application, consider your Kiwanis involvement in the project, including contributions of time, labor and financial resources by your Kiwanis members. This involvement is an essential part of each successful, grant-funded project.

Download our grantseeker's guide

For a comprehensive guide to grantmaking at the Kiwanis International Foundation, download our grantseeker's guide. For additional questions, contact us at or call 1-800-KIWANIS, ext. 159 (U.S. and Canada) or +1-317-217-6159 (worldwide).

How to apply

  • Our grant application is available only to Kiwanis-family clubs, districts and district foundations.
  • Applications from non-Kiwanis organizations will be rejected.
  • Kiwanis-family clubs, districts and district foundations should review our grantseeker’s guide before submitting an application. Begin a new grant application.
  • Returning applicantslog into your account to access in-progress or previously submitted applications, manage your profile and submit requested documents.
  • Application submission deadlines are November 15 and April 15 annually.

    Our review process

    The foundation reviews all grant applications submitted by the deadline. Projects that are not a fit for current funding will receive prompt written notification. Accepted applications are reviewed by the grantmaking committee, which provides recommendations for final funding decisions to the Kiwanis International Foundation Board of Trustees. The board makes final funding decisions at their January/February and June/July meetings, after which all accepted applicants will be contacted. Applicants who meet the April 15, 2015 submission deadline will receive written notification by July 23, 2015.

    Previous grant recipients

    Download a complete list of Kiwanis International Foundation grant recipients since October 2007.