Robert P. Connelly Medal of Heroism

Recognizing people’s generosity is an important part of the Kiwanis International Foundation’s work. In addition, when someone demonstrates remarkable commitment to assist others, our foundation provides an exclusive form of recognition.

Nicole Bunting receives the Robert P. Connelly Medal of HeroismThe Robert P. Connelly Medal of Heroism is awarded to an individual who has risked or given his or her life to save someone else. The medal has honored more than 600 individuals, each of whom has exemplified the supreme sacrifice given by Connelly—who lost his life while trying to save a woman who had fallen in the path of an oncoming commuter train. Potential recipients are nominated by Kiwanis clubs within five years of their heroic acts. Check out the nomination form and award criteria for details.

Nicole Bunting was a Connelly Medal of Heroism recipient for her assistance in rescuing a woman from a frigid lake in January of 2012.