Our partnership with Landscape Structures Inc.

Playgrounds can be serious fun for children of all ages and abilities. They encourage kids to be active outdoors and serve as great community gathering spots. That’s why Kiwanis is pleased to partner with Landscape Structures to bring opportunities for play and playgrounds to communities around the globe, especially on our signature day of service, Kiwanis One Day.

How do you feel about the playgrounds in your community? Could they offer more to children? Would you like to get involved in a project that would engage your club members and your community too? Then think about building a new playground. Plan it as your Kiwanis One Day project and get the whole Kiwanis family and community involved!

Get serious about play in your community. Start planning your playground with these resources:

Make your community playground a Kiwanis playground: Add Kiwanis name recognition to your play space—at no additional cost.

Contact your local Landscape Structures playground consultant to get started or call 1-888-438-6574 or 1-763-972-5200.