Service Leadership Program co-sponsors

The Service Leadership Program co-sponsor package is a year-round partnership. It’s ideal for companies seeking to reach a specific demographic audience. Our Service Leadership Programs consist of youth programs for elementary, middle and high school students—as well as programs for college and university students, and adults living with disabilities

Clearly, a Service Leadership Program co-sponsorship is a great way to align your company with a specific Service Leadership Program audience. Co-sponsors will receive:

  • high-level year-round recognition in connection with the sponsored Service Leadership Program 
  • the opportunity to build brand awareness and relevance with a sponsored Service Leadership Program audience 
  • access to the relevant Kiwanis-family audience

Our current Service Leadership Program co-sponsors:

Rustic Pathways Rustic Pathways has more than 30 years of experience leading exceptional international education and service programs. High school students broaden their global perspective while performing meaningful service projects around the world. Learn more about the incredible trips offered by inviting a local representative to speak at a club meeting or district convention. Find your local connection at