Vision Partners

The Vision Partner package is our highest level, year-round partnership package. As a Vision Partner, you’ll have a unique set of opportunities:

  • a toolkit of promotional rights and benefits that will drive business and awareness for your company 
  • access to Kiwanis members 
  • a Kiwanis-related message for the general public 
  • a showcase for your company’s involvement with, and support of, Kiwanis International’s mission 
  • exclusive differentiation opportunities

Our current Vision Partners:

landscape structures Landscape Structures Inc. has been creating innovative playground equipment since 1971. Think of the impact your club could have in your community constructing a playground as a signature project. Ask your members if giving children a place to play is the right project for your club. See Kiwanis playgrounds and find a local representative at And use our Playground Planning Guide to help you get started.

nickelodeon Nickelodeon currently presents two major campaigns year round that encourage action in kids globally. Worldwide Day of Play reinforces Nickelodeon’s mission to make the world a more playful place by leading Play events across the country. Nickelodeon’s Get Dirty campaign seeks to educate kids, families, and teachers about what they can do to help protect the planet in a way that is mindful and fun.
U.S. Army - a Kiwanis International Vision Partner
The U.S. Army partnership is based on a foundation of shared values. Engaging in local opportunities, U.S. Army personnel connect with Kiwanis family members and provide access to local battalion support and resources. Contact your local battalion to invite soldiers to speak at a club meeting, take part in service projects and become Kiwanis members.