Home, sweet Kiwanis home

Aug 26, 2013

Kiwanis International Office
In its nearly 99 year history, Kiwanis International has had six homes—all but one in Chicago.

Webster Building, 327 South LaSalle Street, Chicago
On July 1, 1918, Kiwanis opened a two-room office on the eighth floor of this 12-story structure. The organization had two employees, Secretary O. Sam Cummings and a stenographer, Alta Barnard. The two later married.

Mallers Building, 5 South Wabash, Chicago
In June 1919, with an increasing number of clubs to serve, Kiwanis moved into a suite with more than six times the space of its original office. But as more and more room was needed, the organization moved three times within the Mallers Builder.

Federal Reserve Building, 164 West Jackson Boulevard, Chicago
The bank was only two years old when Kiwanis International moved there in 1924.

McGraw-Hill Building, 500 North Michigan Avenue, Chicago
On March 1, 1931, Kiwanis logos were applied to windows overlooking Chicago’s “Magnificent Mile” to be seen by millions of passersby.

Kiwanis International Building, 101 East Erie Street, Chicago
On March 21, 1959, Kiwanis finally moved into a place it could call its own. A splendid structure of concrete, glass and aluminum with black granite pilasters and decorative stonework, the office welcomed visitors with a foyer dominated by a North American map mounted on a tile mosaic depicting the six Objects.

Kiwanis International Office, 3636 Woodview Trace, Indianapolis
Kiwanis completed its move to a new 60,000-square-foot office on September 7, 1982. Today, about 100 employees work there, supporting more than 600,000 Kiwanis-family members in 80 nations. The office will help host the 2015 Kiwanis International Convention, when the organization will be celebrating the 100th anniversary of its founding. In a 2010 video, Past Kiwanis International Past President Don Williams recalls the decision to move from Chicago to Indianapolis.