Student Council Candidate uses Terrific Kids as Platform

Oct 07, 2009

Last year, Jordan Kendall participated in the Terrific Kids program as a fifth-grader at Wilder Intermediate School in Schertz, Texas. She worked hard and was one of the students recognized at a special awards ceremony conducted at the school by the ARC Golden K Kiwanis Club. She will be part of the program again this year. This year as a sixth-grader, 11-year-old Jordan decided to run for Student Council President and she used the Terrific Kids character traits as her platform.

When asked why she used Terrific Kids, she replied, “I wanted the students to know that they could count on me to be responsible and not make promises I couldn’t keep.”

She focused on the traits "responsible" and "respectful" because she felt that students should be able to count on the student council president to be responsible and get things done and to be respectful to everyone and listen to their concerns. She liked the fact that the Terrific Kids program helps students to feel good about themselves when they are inclusive and caring towards people. She thinks the program is “cool!”

Jordan placed her campaign fliers at the front door for students to take and also posted them on school walls. Her fliers had her picture, a picture of a Terrific Kids poster and a picture of her and a Kiwanis club member. In her speech to the student body, she talked about the character traits. She didn’t win the presidency but is a member of the Student Council.

Next year she looks forward to being a member of the Builders Club at Corbett Junior High School in San Antonio. That club is student-led and is service-oriented.

Her family is very proud of her! She has two brothers and two sisters and likes to swim and play soft ball with a Buffalo Valley Youth Association team, plays the French horn in the school band and enjoys drawing animals.

Terrific Kids helps build self-esteem and teaches social skills that will assist them in teamwork and leadership situations. The program provides teachers with a tool to reward students for special achievements that may otherwise go unnoticed. The character traits are: Thoughtful, Enthusiastic, Respectful, Responsible, Inclusive, Friendly, Inquisitive, Capable.

The Army Residence Community Golden K Kiwanis Club also sponsors a Key Club at Steel High School and a Builders Club at Corbett Junior High in the San Antonio area.

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