What was your first book?

Nov 05, 2009

The Boardman Kiwanis Club in Oregon has one project that has continued through the years: giving each third-grade student in Boardman and nearby Irrigon their very own dictionary--to keep.

On October 21st, Kiwanis members Joe and Cheryle Taylor and Jane Pope passed out dictionaries to the 90 third-graders at Sam Boardman Elementary in Boardman, Oregon. The children were thrilled.  For some, it is the first book they've ever personally owned.

On October 27th, Kiwanians Joe Taylor and Jane Pope met with the 70 third-graders at Irrigon, Oregon. The Kiwanis members met with the four classrooms at SBE and the three classrooms at ACH to explain how to use a dictionary.

The students choose a word, and then they all look up the word in the dictionary together. They read the definition and learn whether the word is a noun, verb, adjective, etc.

The dictionaries are kept at the schools until the end of the year, when each student may take their dictionary home. Kiwanis desires for each student to have a strong educational foundation, therefore the Boardman Kiwanis Club in Oregon has made this project a priority.


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