Volunteer Experiences at an Animal Shelter

Mar 11, 2010

Volunteer Experiences at an Animal ShelterOn Saturday January 30, the Woodlands Builders Club members volunteered their time and assistance at the Freeport Animal Shelter.

The week prior to the visit, the Builders Club raised $200, which was donated to the struggling shelter. The Freeport Animal Shelter is one of the few shelters on Long Island that will not turn an animal away and is a no-kill animal shelter.

Upon arrival, the club was excited yet a little nervous to care for these animals. Each Builders Club member was given a brush, snacks and toys for each of the cats. The shelter had about six walk-in cages that housed roughly seven cats per cage. The members were responsible for caring for the cats and also for grooming the cats. Each cat had its hair brushed by a Builders Club member. The cats gently accepted the treats from the members and even played with the toys.

The members were taught how to socialize with the cats. Some cats were sick or had been fed foods that they were allergic to, so our members were sure to give these cats special attention.

The Builders Club favorite cage seemed to be the “senior citizen cat cage.” These cats were gentle and loved to be held and hugged. The cats snuggled up to our members, and our members snuggled right back.

Vice President Paul De Santis found his favorite cat whose name was Pharaoh. Pharaoh’s head turned each time Paul entered her cage. She enjoyed the way he brushed her fur and loved the treats he fed her.

The Builders Club plans to make future donations and visits to the animal shelter, which seems to be struggling during these harsh economic times. Our members plan to make a difference by pitching in not only financially but by volunteering their time.

photo:   Paul De Santis and Darryl Angel

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