Kiwanis club builds ramps

Mar 30, 2010
Our members have been building handicapped ramps in the Mason, Michigan, community for the past few years.

A member who is a retired builder heads this project. When we get a call, he goes out to look at the home, measures, and figures out the materials needed.

The only expense to the individual/family is the cost of the wood. We furnish all the labor needed for free. All projects are constructed in accordance with local codes.

Often, after a ramp is constructed and a family member passes away, the family donates the materials back to the club. Then we can build a ramp for someone free of charge.

We normally can build a ramp in one day, weather permitting. Longer ramps may take longer.

Eight to 10 members answer the call to build, bringing their cordless drills and other tools.

Other Kiwanis clubs in our state have also taken on this project. Our community knows what we do and who to contact.

This project is so great, seeing the faces on the handicapped person and family members is indescribeable. We don't need pictures as we have the memories of what we do. This is a project that helps handicapped individuals have a better day and life. 
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