What is a webinar? Why should you attend?

Apr 20, 2010

By: Heather McAllister
Club Excellence Coordinator

Main entry: web-i-nar
Pronunciation: \we-bə-när\
Function: noun
Etymology: web + seminar
Date: 1998
: a live online educational presentation during which participating viewers can submit questions and comments
Source: Merriam Webster Online Dictionary

One thing is for certain, when we all joined Kiwanis we all started down a path of personal growth.  So whether you’re growing your leadership skills, or you’re being challenged to be a better human being through active and regular service to the world’s children, growth is a central part in every Kiwanians’ life.

Therefore, in our effort to help you grow personally, and as a Kiwanian, we have begun to host webinars once per week.  Some members ask “What is the difference between a webinar and online CLE training?”  The difference is the content.  While online CLE training is geared specifically toward educating club officers, webinars are aimed at educating all Kiwanis members.

Why should you attend a webinar?  It’s simple; here are the top 4 reasons.

  1. Varied topics… something for everyone!
    Webinar topics are as varied as our Kiwanis membership.  The topics have ranged from Succession Planning, Facebook 101, Conflict Resolution, Understanding the KI Dues Cycle, and How to understand and Work with Youth.  A list of webinar topics are chosen each quarter (October-December; January-March; April-June; July-September) and published on the KiwanisOne.org website (http://www.kiwanisone.org/webinars).  The webinars are hosted by a variety of subject matter experts, some are members of the Kiwanis staff, others are Kiwanis members and some are professionals in their field.
  2. No assembly required… you have all the tools you need The only tools a member needs for a webinar include: a computer with speakers, or if the computer doesn’t have speakers, a telephone.
  3. Got an hour?    A typical webinar lasts approximately one hour and each topic is normally offered twice, to accommodate for the different time zones.  Normally, the webinar presentation will last approximately 45 minutes with 15 minutes set aside at the end to answer questions from those in attendance.  You will have the opportunity to have a subject matter expert address your question in real time!
  4. No travel time One of the greatest advantages of a webinar is the fact there is no travel required.  You can simply log on from the comfort of your own home, office, and if you are so inclined, the deck in your backyard!

    As an added bonus, if you miss the scheduled webinar there’s no problem. All webinars are recorded and the broadcast is uploaded into the webinar archive on KiwanisOne.org. Once a webinar is placed in the archive it can be accessed at any time.   If you are intrigued, sign up for a webinar and find out what it’s all about!  Learn more about a topic and experience something new.
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