Time for a New Look?

May 05, 2010

By: Chris Hayworth
Web Content and Usability Specialist

If your club is currently using the club management system on www.KiwanisOne.org/login (the member site) to manage your club's website, you may have missed some new site design templates that are now available. The templates can be changed by simply selecting the one you like from a drop-down menu. Five designs are available: classic blue, green, grey, simple blue, green glow and a custom vertical theme. You have the option to see the layout before you apply the new look. Applying a new design template to your club’s website will not disrupt any of your existing content, is fast and easy (about 3 clicks from start to finish) and is a great way to freshen up your site.

Simply log into the club management system via www.KiwanisOne.org/login and navigate to the administrative side of the club web site to get started (under Administration on left menu, select Public Website Content). The menu at center will show an edit list except for one option – the fourth one is Select Public Template. Click that link and you will see the drop-down menu of design options and a sample of what that template will look like when applied. Each selection refreshes the sample view.

Once you find the design that you like, click the “Set Master” button and that’s it, your club website now has a new look!

If your club does not yet have a public website, you really should check out the website features as part of the club management system subscription. A public website is just one of the tools available to manage your club. The cost of the system is on a sliding scale based on the size of your club and typically runs about the same or less than just a website package elsewhere with no club management tools. Get details at www.KiwanisOne.org/webtools. There are instructions to try a demo out as well. Likewise, if your club already has a website, you might compare features, ease of content management and cost to be sure you’re getting the best value.



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