The Eliminate Project

Jun 24, 2010

One year ago, we announced at our 94th Annual Convention in Nashville, Tennessee, that Kiwanis would begin accepting proposals for their next worldwide service project.  Our first worldwide service project in the 90's virtually eliminated Iodine Deficiency Disorder (what used to be the leading cause of mental and developmental disabilities in the world) and after such success we believed it was again time to tackle another global issue that affected the world's children.  

Therefore after an exciting year of narrowing down the proposals, we're excited to announce the ELIMINATE Project: Kiwanis and UNICEF partnering to eliminate Maternal/Neonatal Tetanus.  This horrible and completely preventable disease kills once child every nine minutes, and by targeting those affected by this scourge Kiwanis is sending a message that the poorest, most remote, and most invisible to the world, not only matter, but these mothers and their babies deserve to live to their full human potential.



So what can you do today?  Begin supporting the project by:


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