Business Session Wrap Up

Jul 01, 2010

The Business session at the 95th Kiwanis International Convention was filled with excitement this year.  As a first time observer it was an exciting 4 hours as I watched the debate on the floor and the exciting runoff between two excellent candidates for the office of Kiwanis International Vice President, and 4 excellent candidates for Region I trustee seats on the Kiwanis International board.  

From the beginning President Paul Palazzolo did an excellent job setting the pace and running a smooth session.  It's a hard job but Paul made it look easy as he ran through the 14 amendments and 1 resolution that made this, minute for minute, one of the most efficient business sessions in recent Kiwanis history.  This of course, was greatly aided by the use of electronic voting to tally the results.  Here are the official results.

Amendment 1: Passed as Amended - Changing the region numbers to names.  Purpose: to change the designation of regions from numbers to names.

Amendment 2: Passed - Discipline of international officers.   Purpose: to eliminate unintended contradictions regarding discipline of international officers; and to allow the International Board the ability, if deemed appropriate, to bar someone removed from office or from filling other offices or appointments.

Amendment 3: Passed as Amended - Criminal history background checks. Purpose: to require criminal-history background checks for all incumbents and candidates for international office and offices in direct line of succession to district governor in order to ensure the highest standards of leadership in Kiwanis.

Amendment 4: Passed - Top staff position title.  Purpose: to return the title of the top staff position in Kiwanis International to executive director.

Amendment 5: Passed - Option district office of Vice Governor. Purpose: to accommodate districts that wish to have an additional year of training and orientation for the person who will eventually serve as governor.

Amendment 6: Defeated - Club Convention fee for international conventions.  Purpose: to allocate the costs to hold conventions of the organization equitably among the member clubs of the organization.

Amendment 7: Passed - Official Publications.  Purpose: to make more effective use of electronic methods of communication and information distribution.  There is no intention to stop printing KIWANIS magazine; rather, the intention is to make communications available worldwide less expensively via electronic methods and to improve website operations.

Amendment 8: Withdrawn - Federation convention dates. Purpose: to allow European federation conventions to be held within the stated 20-day prohibition period for good reason if deemed appropriate by the Kiwanis International Board of Trustees.

Amendment 9: Defeated - Summarizing preface to the Kiwanis Objects.  Purpose: Add a preface clause that summarizes each of the Kiwanis Objects and restate the Objects in summary form.

Amendment 10: Withdrawn - Voting privileges for new clubs. Purpose: Allow districts the option to restrict voting at district conventions and division conferences to clubs that are at least one year old, based on the date of charter presentation.

Amendment 11: Withdrawn - Club delegates based upon club size: Allow districts the option to determine the number of club delegates (from one to five) based on club size and provide that all delegates must have been club members for at least one year before being elected by the club to represent it.

Amendment 12: Defeated - Nondelegates in the house at international conventions. Purpose:  Allow club members who are not delegates to sit with their club delegates in the House of Delegates at international conventions.

Amendment 13: Failed for lack of a motion - Dues discount for members age 65 and over.  Purpose:  Reduce dues for members age 65 and over by 50 percent.

Amendment 14: Withdrawn - New class of family members.  Purpose:  Create a new class of “family members” providing that up to three relations of an active member may have the same benefits and obligations as active members but pay reduced dues and fees.

Resolution 1: Passed - In Memoriam: Past President Aubrey Irby.  Purpose:  The delegates expressed their sincerest sympathy to the family of Aubrey Irby, 1983-84 Kiwanis International President.

Of note, there was one surprise during the business session as one Kiwanian called for a point of information from the floor just prior to the Vice Presidential election.  The delegate proceeded to ask why the total number of votes cast in each of the prior voting periods did not correlate directly with the number of certified delegates.  After some discussion, and the inability of the speaker to confirm that each delegate had in fact cast a vote during each and every voting period, the house motioned to move onto the VP elections, where Tom DeJulio was elected Kiwanis International Vice President for 2010-11 and Sue Petrisin, Oscar Knight and Johnny Johnson were elected as Region 1 trustees to the Kiwanis International board.


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