Aug 10, 2010

By: Amanda Spice
Key Club Communications Specialist

I am a part time student and working mom of two wonderful kids, a one-year-old and a two-year old. I can tell you how to make your diaper pail not so stinky. I can make dinner, put away groceries, and read to two kids at the same time. I can write a twenty page paper for class after giving baths and singing (off-tune) lullabies. But, here’s my struggle, it’s hard to find the time to volunteer.

So, as my way of giving back to my community I try to make donations to organizations that I believe in. I’ve given to local charities and international ones, but I find that lately I want more. More time doing hands on work, more time interacting with those in need, more time feeling like I’m part of something bigger than my own small family in our own house.

After doing a search on the Internet for “volunteer with kids,” I found some good resources that I think will help with my question. I hope these will help others who are looking for suggestions on what kind of volunteering to do when you have small kids, the answers are out there.


Children ages 1 to 4 can:
• play with other children at a children's center
• visit a nursing home with other family members
• join an older family member to read books at the library or community center
• go along for the delivery of meals prepared for those who are homebound or hungry


Children ages 5 to 12 can:
• participate in a read-a-thon project, in which students read to younger students
• collect used books and toys for a shelter for homeless families
• make cards or letters for military personnel
• perform plays and skits depicting community problems and their solutions
• rake the yard for an elderly person in the neighborhood
• help with a park or beach cleanup
• make holiday greeting cards and artwork for senior citizens who live in a nearby nursing home
• lead workshops on bike safety for younger children

So if you are busy and you have kids, don’t forget you still have the ability to serve. Think creativly and the opportunities are endless!



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