Learned on the road

Aug 30, 2010

By: Kasey Jackson
Communications Specialist

I’ve learned a lot over the past five years working at Kiwanis International, but one thing stands out to me more than anything else—seeing Kiwanians in their communities, working on their favorite, most cherished service projects is the most heartwarming, amazing experience.

It’s life changing, really.

I’ve been lucky to go out on the road to cover a few amazing Kiwanis stories, and every single one sticks with me in some way.

Meeting dedicated Kiwanis members in Springdale, Arkansas, who devote countless hours to run a football program for hundreds of children every year. Carrying Rashale Arana on my back after Kiwanians in the Carolinas District helped her get a new prosthetic leg.

And most recently, visiting Kiwanians in Panama City, Panama, to learn about their various projects that touch almost every single area of the city—school projects, sports projects, historical projects, health projects and more.

Every one of these Kiwanis clubs has a story that has stuck with me—and dear Kiwanians who I will miss and always want to keep up with.

I hope other Kiwanians find inspiration in reading their success stories. I know I was inspired sharing them.

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