Social service

Sep 16, 2010

Service together is far more enjoyable than service alone. Just ask any Kiwanis member. Although we serve simply because needs exist, serving alongside friends can make changing the world a little easier—and a little more enjoyable.

Service with friends does something else important: It inspires you to serve more. I remember from my days in Key Club how intimidated I was to go to service projects unless I knew other club members would be there.  Unfortunately, this hasn’t changed much for me, but when I know friends will be serving alongside me, I’m much more apt to venture outside of my comfort zone and do some good in the world. 

For those of us who have friends to serve with, don’t forget those who don’t. Invite them to your next service opportunity. Remember, it’s not necessarily one’s desire to serve that keeps them from making a difference in the world—it’s their priorities. Make it easier to serve. 

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