What should I know about The Eliminate Project?

Oct 01, 2010

Hear from your Kiwanis leadership as they answer the question, "What's one thing everyone should know about The Eliminate Project?"

“Kiwanians have always responded to the needs of children. The Eliminate Project offers another opportunity for the Kiwanis family to save the lives of mothers and infants.” Sylvester Neal, President

“The Eliminate Project will save the lives of 129 million of the poorest, most neglected mothers and newborn babies in 40 countries. All it takes is three 60-cent immunizations.” Alan Penn, President-Elect

“When Kiwanis eliminated IDD, we improved the quality of children’s lives. With The Eliminate Project, Kiwanis will save the lives of babies from painful death.” Tom DeJulio, Vice President

The Eliminate Project Logo

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