Our changing sense of community

Oct 14, 2010

by: Chip McComb

A colleague recently brought an insightful article to my attention. Published by the Woodburn Independent, the article, “America’s dying sense of community” was written by Lindsay Keefer, a Kiwanis member who is attempting to reconcile the changing sense of community in America brought on by our culture’s adoption of technology.

Keefer brings up three important points that she believes are eroding the cultural sense of community.

  1. Young people are too busy to connect with others or be involved in hands-on service, as they are spending their time focusing on careers or raising families.
  2. The younger generation lacks a sense of community because of the mobility that has been instilled into our daily lives. 
  3. The internet has redefined our sense of community.

To her credit, the author includes herself as one of those in the generation who is embracing these changes. I, too, fall into this group. Her post is an interesting commentary of a generation struggling to find a place for fellowship, hands-on service and face-to-face interaction in an increasingly busy world that’s defined by concise digital communication.  After reading her thoughts, I think these issues will, in the end, define our generation.

How do you see social technologies impacting your personal sense of community?

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