Why make time for service?

Nov 17, 2010

by: Tony Knoderer
Kiwanis International Content Specalist

It’s a busy world. Many of us have work to do and bills to pay and kids (or grandkids) to care for. Even more likely, our lives include some combination of these and many other things that fill up people’s daily lives.

And among all that stuff, organizations like Kiwanis encourage you to serve the children in your community and beyond.

So, why make time for service? Here are a few reasons we hear from busy-but-engaged Kiwanians:

  • It’s personally rewarding. Sure, it’s the most basic reason of all. But for many people, it’s the one that matters most. No matter how full your life is, there’s always room for the personal satisfaction that comes from enhancing children’s lives.
  • It connects you to your community. What Kiwanians do makes a difference to the folks around them—from individual people to the schools, churches and other organizations that benefit. By making time for service, you get in touch with parts of your community you might not encounter otherwise.
  • It creates friendships and connections. Many Kiwanians have stories of lifelong friendships and important professional or personal connections they’ve made—simply because they took the time to attend club meetings and participate in service projects.
  • It adds some fun. When life is busy, that can be all the more reason to serve others. Our mission is serious business, but the friendships, connections and service projects that help achieve that mission can help put some extra enjoyment into your busy life. In fact, you may find that the kinds of service that Kiwanians do are rewarding in ways unlike any other activity.


If you’ve made time for service, feel free to share the reasons why you’ve found it rewarding. Click “Comments” below and let people know!

And speaking of service, remember Kiwanis One Day. Our worldwide day of service will take place April 2, 2011. It’s a great way to get involved with your local Kiwanis club— and add your community spirit to the impact that Kiwanians will be making all over the globe.

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