15 amazing service projects

Jan 28, 2011

By Amberly Peterson
Content Specialist

Are you looking for a great service project for your next meeting or social event? Do you want to make a larger impact with a more involved project? Then check out this list of super service ideas. The projects range from easy to difficult. Choose the projects that work best for you. Got a better idea? Share your service project ideas in the comments section and tell us why you think they were successful for you and your club.

  1. Rake and run
    Grab your club members and head out in the neighborhood. Then, rake leaves or shovel snow for those who can’t do it themselves. That’s what the K-Kids Club of Central Middle School (Missouri) did in November.
  2. Adopt a family
    Many families receive assistance during the holidays, but what about the rest of the year? By February, these families are running out of the household items they received at Christmas. Ask your local food pantries, churches or homeless shelters who and how you can help now.
  3. Go all day and all night
    When one hour isn’t enough, take a cue from the Circle K International club of Adrian College (Michigan) and plan a variety of service projects that benefit a number of local organizations from animal shelters to food pantries. The Adrian College CKI Club’s 24 Hours of Service project involved CKI members and other students from different organizations.
  4. Serve soup
    Get up close and personal with those who need your help when you volunteer to cook or serve at a homeless shelter or soup kitchen. Don’t let your service stop at the serving line. When your shift is over, sit and talk with the people.
  5. Donate used cell phones
    Don’t just let those old cell phones pile up in a junk drawer or fill up a landfill, donate them. Even though, you’ve upgraded, many others would be happy to have your old phones. They can benefit troops, domestic violence victims, senior citizens and more. Thanks to the 2010–11 Key Club International Board for this service project suggestion!
  6. Collect sports equipment for kids
    Many families don’t have the resources they need to buy the equipment their kids need to stay safe while they’re being active. Collect new or gently used balls, gloves, bats, pads, helmets and more and donate them to your local school or to an organization like Sports Gift.
  7. Don’t let them slip
    The 2009–10 Circle K International President Kristen Reed (via Twitter) suggested using puff paint to decorate the bottoms of socks and then donating them to a nursing home or hospital. Which resident or patient couldn’t use a little warmth and more traction on those cold, slick floors?
  8. Rehab a playground
    Team up with Kiwanis-family members to pull weeds, spread new mulch, paint old equipment, fix broken swings or whatever else needs to be done. Need to start from scratch? team up with KaBOOM.
  9. Make blankets
    The Key Club at Chesaning Union High School (Michigan) recently made 100 no-sew fleece blankets for residents of a domestic violence shelter. Use their idea as inspiration and create your own blankets to donate to an organization in your community.
  10. Become the storybook lady or man
    Volunteer at your local library or community center and read children’s classics. Liven up story time even more when you dress the part. Choose a tiara, hat, clown nose or animal ears.
  11. Make over a home
    The Manatee High School Key Club and the Bradenton Kiwanis Club (Florida) teamed up to completely remodel a home for a family in need. They solicited local businesses to provide building materials, labor, paint, furniture and more in this ambitious project. Consider something like this for your next project.
  12. Run an activities booth
    Does your community have an expo, fair or parade coming up? Make your booth the most popular of all with games, crafts and face painting.
  13. Give the gift of mobility
    The Kiwanis Club of Waitukubuli (Dominica) purchased a wheelchair for a child with cerebral palsy. What could you and your club do to help a child in your community?
  14. Pretty up your parks
    Volunteer to plant flowers, shrubs or trees in a local park or community garden. In October, the San Pasqual High School Key Club and the Hidden Valley Kiwanis Club (California) joined forces with other volunteers to plant trees in a local park and along a highway.
  15. Team up with a service partner
    Work with one of the Kiwanis-family’s partners on a ready-made service project. Choose from Boys and Girls Clubs of America, UNICEF, March of Dimes, Children’s Miracle Network, Sleeping Children Around the WorldStudents Team Up to Fight Hunger or Better World Books.


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