Alumni Association: stay connected!

Jan 31, 2011

by: Sherri McKeen
Alumni Association Specialist

Alumni AssociationIf you were ever a Key Clubber or a member of Circle K International—or if you’ll soon graduate from high school or a university—we’re helping you stay connected with Kiwanis International.

And with each other!

With the Key Club and CKI Alumni Associations, you have a great way to stay engaged. It’s easy to join either one—just go to the alumni association website and begin to reconnect.

It’s also free. Membership in the alumni associations of both CKI and Key Club International are open to all alumni, at no cost.

So what’s stopping you from joining now? Let folks know what you’ve been up to. And see what’s been happening since you left.

In a recent survey of our current members, almost 100% of respondents said they want to know what alumni are doing now. So we’re working to develop and implement a tool to connect alumni to current members, and to each other.

In the meantime, we’re encouraging people to “like” our Facebook pages (Circle K International Alumni / Key Club Alumni) and follow us on Twitter (Circle K International Alumni / Key Club Alumni).

Of course, you can help spread the word too. If you know any alumni, send them this link and encourage them to sign up today: www.kiwanis.org/alumni.

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