When did it happen?

Feb 01, 2011

It happened in 1983!

That’s when the Kiwanis Club of Larvik, Norway, helped build a community center where young people could learn carpentry and others skills from senior citizens who used the center to build and repair their own furniture.

According to the September 1983 issue of Kiwanis magazine, the Kiwanians were concerned by the way society separates the elderly from the young. Here is more of that magazine report about Kiwanis activities in Norway:

Scandinavian Kiwanians strive to help all youth. In Sandefjord, Norway, the Kiwanis club sponsors a youth club with membership of teens with and without disabilities. The Kiwanis Club of Horten aided in the construction of a workshop where handicapped youngsters are paid to do work for local industries. And club members are building apartments where the handicapped workers can live and take care of themselves as adults.

A major project for the Kiwanis Club of Oslo was the Torshov School Band, which was comprised of children who have mental disabilities. The band performed at the 1982 Kiwanis International Convention in Vienna. Austria.

The Kiwanians first became involved with the Torshov School students in 1973, finding a musical instructor and buying uniforms, instruments, and sheet music.

“These youngsters cannot read, write or count, but in their minds they have a musical feeling,” said Roger Roje, past president of Kiwanis International Europe and an Oslo club member. “We are very proud of these young people. Watching them warms the heart.”

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