When did it happen?

Feb 01, 2011

It happened in 1976!

That’s when—according to the April 1976 issue of The Kiwanis Magazine—the Kiwanis Club of Taichung, Taiwan, Republic of China, discovered that an orphanage in its community was in need of additional food—particularly vegetables. To fill that need, the Kiwanians planted a vegetable garden and, with university students, raised enough food to help feed the children.

The same issue of the magazine added these reports from Asia-Pacific clubs:

New Zealand: The Kiwanis Club of Christchurch South sponsored a picnic for 28 orphans and underprivileged children from a church home. And the Kiwanis Club of Kaitaia built a suspension bridge across a river bed so a man, who used a wheelchair, was no longer isolated in his home. The bridge was four feet wide, 126 feet long, and 20 feet above the river bed.

The Philippines: In the Philippine Luzon District, three clubs sponsored medical and dental clinics. At one clinic in Daet, 340 patients were examined. Free clinics were also conducted at Lucena, where one patient was subsequently hospitalized (the club paid for the treatment) and at Tabaco, where free medicine was distributed as needed.

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