When did it happen?

Feb 01, 2011

It happened in 1942! 


That’s when the Kiwanis Club of Des Plaines, Illinois, “adopted’ triplets. The April 1943 issue of The Kiwanis Magazine reported:

Not surprisingly, the arrival of three babies was something the same as if a cyclone had hit the family. They were practically stunned. It wasn’t that they did not welcome the infants as enchanting additions to their family of three children—ages 4 to 12—but a trio of babies! The bottles and booties, the oatmeal and orange juice and blankets. And the laundering of that vast quantity of three-cornered diapers each day!

So Kiwanis stepped forward.

“Let’s adopt them,” suggested Des Plaines Kiwanian W.L. Fabian. Fellow members thought it was a grand idea. Thus a whole Kiwanis club became “godfather’ to a trio of baby boys.

Cribs and little mattresses and bedding appeared. A woman was found to assist the parents in caring for a family increased overnight by the addition of three new members. And the Kiwanians went shopping for a baby buggy built for three.

Neighbors and friends, as well as people from Maine to California—drawn by the mounting fame of the triplets—came to the family’s home in such numbers that the father put a pane of glass in the nursery door so the boys could be viewed without being disturbed.
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