How do you start a K-Kids club?

Feb 08, 2011

by: Lisa Pyron
Kiwanis Elementary School Programs Specialist

When it comes to starting a K-Kids club, it only takes one person to get things going. Here are some tips to help you through the process.

Begin with your Kiwanis club. Explain what K-Kids is, the club’s role as a sponsor and the benefits to elementary-school students.  Kiwanis International offers some online resources to help you prepare:

Form a committee. After your Kiwanis club agrees to sponsor a K-Kids club, gather a core group of individuals who have a definite interest in working with the kids. These folks will support club-building efforts, and they’ll alternate attendance at K-Kids club meetings.

Determine where the K-Kids club will be. You may already have a good idea about where to build a K-Kids club. If not, remember: a K-Kids club can be established in a school or as a community-based program in a community center.

Before approaching a prospective K-Kids club site, order the K-Kids introductory kit to use when sharing information about the program: K-Kids Introductory kit

Here are a few important points to share with the school principal or organization director:  

  • Explain Kiwanis and what your club does to help the community.
  • K-Kids is sponsored by a Kiwanis club, but it’s a student-led community service club.
  • The school (or organization) provides a K-Kids club advisor, meeting location and time.
  • The school principal (or organization director) has final authority over all club activities.

Recruit and promote. If the prospective site approves the program, start recruiting members immediately. Schedule a K-Kids informational meeting. Display K-Kids posters in the hallways.

And remember:

  • Membership is open to any elementary-age child interested in community service. We suggest a commitment of 15 students to start a club.
  • Review the Standard Form for K-Kids Bylaws for guidance on club structure.
  • The K-Kids Chartering Toolkit is an online resource—it will guide you through the K-Kids club-chartering process. The necessary paperwork can be downloaded and printed from the website.
  • When Kiwanis International receives the completed Petition for Charter and US$150 sponsorship fee, an all-inclusive K-Kids program kit is mailed to the Kiwanis K-Kids advisor.

It only takes one person to start the conversation about a K-Kids club. Thanks for being the one!

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