Convention time is a good time

Mar 13, 2011

By: Kasey Jackson
Kiwanis Magazine Editor

If you’ve never been to a Kiwanis International Convention, I can tell you this: it’s even bigger and better than you’re imagining.

Even if you have, it’s always an amazing event. I attended my first Kiwanis International Convention in Nashville, Tennessee, as a member of the Kiwanis International staff. It was thrilling to peek out from backstage to see all the faces in the crowd.

For this year’s event in Geneva, Switzerland, our plans are getting bigger every day. For instance, we’ve lined up some amazing speakers: 

  • Dame Jane Goodall, famed British primatologist, will help kick things off at our Opening Session. She’ll tell us about her journeys and her legendary work with chimpanzees—what it’s like speak to the chimps, and the impact her work has had on human interaction with animals and the world around us. She’s a leading researcher and scientist and we are thrilled to have her with us. 
  • Jamie Lee CurtisJamie Lee Curtis—American actress, author, activist and spokeswoman—will help us end our convention festivities. Most of you have seen Jamie Lee in any of her famous movies, such as Halloween, Freaky Friday, True Lies and others. You might also see her in television commercials as of late. Jamie Lee is a great actress with a wonderful sense of humor.
  • Mummenschanz, a visual theater group will entertain 2011 Kiwanis International Convention attendees with a sense of wonder and imagination with their magical performance.

In the meantime, our entertainment lineup continues to fill up. We’ll have more to tell you soon.

Of course, we’ll also offer many training sessions, workshops and ticketed events. And don’t forget Kiwanis International’s packaged tours of Geneva, Switzerland and other parts of Europe.

Come to Geneva. Invite a friend. Tell club members about the opportunity to party and mingle, to learn and laugh—with fellow Kiwanians from all over the world. We can’t wait to see you. Neither can I.

I’ll be the one peeking out from backstage.


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