Spreading joy by spreading kindness

Apr 11, 2011

By Sherri McKeen 

This past weekend there was a sign in my daughter’s classroom that said, “You can always be a better person today than you were yesterday.” These words really struck me, so I’ve been thinking about how I can be a better person.

I had some great ideas like restarting my food journal so I can get off a few of these “baby pounds” or maybe taking a cooking class so my family doesn’t have to eat the same meal that they’ve eaten once a week for a year.

These seemed a little extreme. But, I did think of something else I could do. I could more consciously do acts of kindness, in other words, I could spread Random Acts of Kindness.
There were some great ideas online to get me started. What do you think? Do you want to join me in spreading some joy by spreading kindness?

There were some easy ideas: 

  • Hold the door open for someone 
  • Clean up after yourself 
  • Clean up after someone else 
  • Bring your coworkers a treat, such as fresh fruit 
  • Return a shopping cart

And, then, there were some more difficult ideas: 

  • Leave change in the vending machine 
  • Help someone find a job 
  • Talk with a homeless person

And some others that might be a challenge, but would have huge benefits: 

  • Forgive someone 
  • Be kind to someone you dislike 
  •  Leave a generous tip

What act can you do today?
For more ideas and tools for spreading joy through spreading kindness, check out the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation.


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