A hero remembered

May 04, 2011
Simone Neri“There’s a baby crying. I’m going to save him. Whatever happens, remember that I love you.”

 As a flood of mud crushed through Giampilieri, Italy, Simone Neri said good-bye to his fiancée, put away his cell phone and began the treacherous search for the crying child. He already had rescued eight people.

Neri’s body was discovered two days later—one of the 31 victims of the disaster that struck the province of Messina in October 2009.

In recognition of Neri’s selfless act, the Kiwanis International Foundation will award him the Robert P. Connelly Medal of Heroism. The ceremony will be conducted at the 2011 International Convention in Geneva, Switzerland, July 7-10.

The medal honors individuals who risk physical harm or death to save the life of another human being. Read more about the history of the medal, qualifications and find the nomination form by clicking the “Recognition” button at www.kiwanis.org/foundation/connelly (English only).
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