Starting a movement: Service leadership

May 10, 2011

by: John Shertzer

There’s a story about a team of reporters covering the first manned mission to the moon.  They were waiting for a press conference at NASA headquarters in Houston when a janitor came through the room sweeping the floor.  One bored reporter asked him, “What’s your job at NASA?” 

The janitor looked thoughtfully at the reporter. “My job,” he said, “is to put people on the moon.”

If a reporter were to ask what you were doing for a Kiwanis Service Leadership Program, I think most of us would say something like: “We’re sponsoring a youth club.” 

Is that all that you’re doing? Consider that you’re not just sponsoring a club—you’re spreading a movement.

The world has many problems. This isn’t news to anyone who, well, watches the news.  What can help fix it?

  • How about elementary school students inspired to believe in the joy of service? 
  • Or middle school students gaining greater self-confidence and self-worth?
  • What about high school youth convinced by experience that they can truly have an impact? 
  • Or college students inspired to make hands-on service a part of their daily lives? 
  • How about men and women who live with unique personal challenges stepping forward to help others?

As Kiwanians, we sell ourselves short by saying we “sponsor programs.”  The next time someone asks what you and your Kiwanis club do as SLP sponsor, tell them this: you’re spreading a movement of service and leadership to a world that badly needs it.

Spreading a movement - photo credit - thephotographymuse

photo credit: thephotographymuse licensed under CC Attribution 2.0 Generic license


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