3 creative ways to say "thank you"

May 13, 2011

Thank You
photo credit: John Ashcroft licensed under (CC By 2.0

by: Sarah Moreland

Looking for some extra ways to thank your volunteers and recognize commitment in your organization? Try these fast, free online tools:

Just a note

If someone’s done something worthy of a thank you note, send them one! Check out the nonprofit category on Care2.com for e-cards ranging from the Nature Conservancy to the World Wildlife Fund. Other options include Punchbowl.com and the free online card section of Hallmark.com.

Virtual appreciation party

Don’t have the resources or time to put together an appreciation party? Schedule a virtual one through Facebook or your group’s online community. You can choose to recognize one person, a committee, or the entire club each week, month, term, or whenever you choose. Create a weeklong event so that members who “attend” have enough time to send thank you messages to other members or post compliments about the club on the event’s comments page.

From the “thank you” crew

Sometimes a thank you is much better in person than in writing. Organize a “thank you crew” to organize and film basic thank you videos—to specific members, to officers, to other organizations that helped you with your last volunteer project - that can be posted to YouTube and shared with everyone. Be fun, creative and enthusiastic—and and don’t forget to thank everyone in general for their hard work and commitment to service!


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