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Jun 01, 2011

Does this sound like your club?   

"Help my club get back in the habit of hands-on service! We’re caught in a rut of meetings and check writing."

Read on for some creative solutions!

"Your members must ask themselves... What? How? Where? When and with Whom? I bet you that there will be a place you can do your work as Kiwanis leaders that serve the children of the world. For example, in your state, province or city there must be a pediatric hospital (or unit) with children with aids, cancer or any other illness that requires long treatments, where your members can implement the Read Around the World program. You must adapt it to the place where you decide to go, maybe wear a clown's nose and read a story to a group of these children every week. You could also implement this program in an adoption center."
"This is a beautiful program and it can be implemented with many types of demographics, adapting it to the context and the needs of that population, which can be economic, lack of values or maybe just love and affection."

Olid Quijano
Lt. Governor Division 1, Andean and Central America
Solymar club

"The decision that made a difference in our club was to become involved with “Kids Against Hunger. This is a major attraction for new members because it is such a hands-on project. It allows members to involve their direct family including the kids, our extended Kiwanis family as well as other Kiwanis Clubs, service clubs, employer groups, church groups, etc. When your club of 35 or so members leverages into a project that packages meals for over 1 million kids in Africa, Haiti, Denver and surrounding area feeding service groups, you get some attention and you have a feeling that you really can make a difference. Every now and then, someone will tell us that we could automate our process, but that would take out the hands that put the meals together, remove the fun that everyone has and get us back to simply writing a check and eating lunch. While you are tired after packaging a couple of hundred thousand meals (or even 10,000 meals), you know you did something that will make a difference in the life of a child.”

Russell Adsit
2010-11 President of the South Denver Kiwanis Club

“It's always a good idea to poll the club to see where the interests of the club are since different members are interested different things such as working with children, working with nature, collecting donations for natural disasters, etc. Then the next step would be to find a meaningful event, preferably with the Sponsored Leadership Programs, that caters to a majority of your membership. The best events are simple events like cleaning a High School with your local Key Club, or making thank you cards for Veterans with your Builders Club.”

Peter Yu
California Young Professionals, LA Club

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