Goals and decisions: the power of strategic planning

Jun 06, 2011

By: Marcela Blackburn

I read somewhere that success is intentional and directly related to our decisions. Have you thought of the power of decisions? Or the effect of not making them? 

By making decisions, we make a commitment; we define the outcome we want. For a Kiwanis club, a strategic plan is a must. Strategic plans require decisions, and they help define your club’s identity and the quality of its future leaders.

Last month, I was in Colombia conducting “Achieving Club Excellence” workshops. Among many other things, we talked about how to "Plan your club’s success." I asked my Colombina auidences if their clubs have strategic plans. “Their answers:

  • No.
  • Yes, we have a plan for the year’s club activities (i.e., a chronogram).
  • Yes, the president makes one at the beginning of the year.
  • Yes, but it’s outdated.
  • Yes, but most members don’t know what it is.

I can count on my fingers how many clubs I’ve found with a proper strategic plan. But putting one together is not a mystery. Here’s what defines a good strategic plan:

  • Contains a few strategic, long-term smart goals
  • Includes action steps, with names attached to each step
  • Reflects the participation and ultimate agreement of club members
  • Familiar to everyone in the club
  • Implemented in a way that’s monitored, communicated and celebrated

And here’s a good way to get started: incoming club officers and leaders can prepare for their year of service by evaluating the club with the club excellence tool and checking the club’s service impact with a community analysis.

You can use those findings to create a powerful and solid strategic plan. One that represents the club’s intent and purpose, and expresses club members’ take on service, fellowship, community visibility and growth. Unleash your club’s potential—by first putting it in black and white.

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