Take a step up!

Jun 09, 2011

Mountain Climbing

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By: Earl Forbes

Help Wanted!” should be a sign that hangs on the door at every Kiwanis meeting.  Not only do we need more members, but we need great leaders to keep Kiwanis energized.  Volunteer organizations like Kiwanis are successful when they have a “leadership pipeline” starting at the club level that allows members to put their skill sets and passion to work.  This pipeline has leaders learn and practice leadership skills as they develop.  Successful leaders at one level are able to take other positions with more responsibilities.

Creating good leaders starts in our local clubs.  Every member begins their journey of being a leader in Kiwanis the same way . . . they join a local club.  Each new member brings a unique set of skills to Kiwanis and can hone their leadership skills by getting in the leadership pipeline. 

When I first joined Kiwanis 32 years ago, I simply wanted to get involved in service projects in my community and be a good member.  I did not plan to go beyond that local club involvement.  The club’s leadership committee encouraged me to take the step up into leadership.  This first step led to the club board, then president and on to division lieutenant governor and several district committees.  Currently, I am in my 16th year on the Kiwanis International staff in the Growth and Education Department.  All of this is a result of taking that first step up.

You can help your club achieve great things by offering your time and talents as a club leader.  You never know where that first step will take you.  You just might end up leading your district or taking a position at the International level. 

Take some time and analyze your skill sets.  Your dream job in Kiwanis is that position you love doing, you are good at doing, and offers the reward of feeling you made a contribution.

Take a step up!

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