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Jun 18, 2011

The Teamwork Statue

The teamwork statue in Solihull, UK

photo credit: dearbarbie photo licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0  

By: Earl Forbes

When someone asks you what Kiwanis is, what’s your answer? 

The best responses are short, from-the-heart stories of your personal experience.  These one-minute speeches have impact because they combine the Kiwanis mission with the personal reward of involvement. They focus on the impact of Kiwanis on particular lives and communities.

I know a great example of a one-minute speech. It was a Kiwanian’s response to a comment that people wouldn’t join a new Kiwanis club because there was no good reason to get involved. 

The Kiwanian said:

“Our grandchildren don’t need what we didn’t have when we were growing up. They need what we did have when we were growing up: strong families, good schools and caring communities.

Someone once said that if you lost all your wealth, you have lost nothing.  If you lose your health, then you have lost something.  But if you ever lose your character, you have lost everything.

That’s what Kiwanis does in our community—builds character in youth through our Service Leadership Programs. We’re sending a message to a generation by building tomorrow’s leaders.  I’ve been an advisor to a Key Club at our local high school for several years. Many times I’ve seen ‘average’ students become exceptional leaders through their activities in Key Club. 

So do you want to remain part of the problem and let things go on the way they are—or do you want to become part of the solution?  I want you to join Kiwanis. You can make a difference!”

Every Kiwanian has a recollection of his or her Kiwanis moment—an experience of service that made them a Kiwanian for life. Practice telling that Kiwanis moment. Be yourself and show your passion. Allow the other person to ask questions to keep the conversation going. End with a call to action: ask that person to get involved and come to your next service project, fundraiser or club meeting.

Go ahead … it only takes a minute!

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