Jun 24, 2011

Leaders in the Run

 TERRIFIC service project leaders are always on the run

photo credit: ManWithAToyCamera photo licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

By: Rhonda Vrell

I once attended a Kiwanis club meeting and was appalled at some of my fellow Kiwanians. People were having separate conversations at their own tables throughout the program, no matter who was speaking from the lectern. I couldn’t help but wonder where they learned their manners—or whether they had just forgotten about them.

And when I first went to write a training session on being a TERRIFIC Kiwanian, I knew I was thoughtful, enthusiastic, respectful, responsible, inclusive, friendly, inquisitive and capable…or was I?

What does it really mean to be TERRIFIC? How can you recognize thoughtful Kiwanians at a club meeting? 

  • Do they greet everyone who comes into the meeting? 
  • Do they leave the seats in the back for latecomers so they don’t have to parade to the front of the room? Are there empty seats at every table so guests can sit among Kiwanians?
  • Do you have enthusiastic members at your service projects? Do you have members who come just to be a part of a cheerleading squad? Did someone coordinate team shirts? Has everyone pitched in, without being asked? Is everyone talking up Kiwanis and the event?

What other ways can we and our fellow Kiwanians be TERRIFIC? Can we discuss what it means to be TERRIFIC? Are there competitions and rewards for modeling the desired characteristics? 

In other words, how can we all improve?

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