You're more than your job. Make a bigger impact.

Jul 14, 2011


“What do you do?” the woman on your left asks.

Your nose does that nervous twitch you inherited from your father and you wonder, again, how you can make what you do explain all of who you are.

It’s not that your job is bad. In fact, you love your job. You worked hard to pass the right tests, make the right connections, and you put in un-clocked overtime to make sure you do it right. You even help people. Your job fulfills you, supports you family.

Yet somehow, when you explain it at dinner parties, the satisfaction is hard to explain.

It’s because being human is about more than working a job, even a great job. If we spend 40 hours at work each week, assuming we sleep 8 hours each night, we have nearly twice that –72 hours –to define ourselves.

Kiwanis members use some of those 72 hours to serve the children of the world. They make a bigger impact.

Because they’re more than their jobs. So are you.

And making a bigger impact starts with one.


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