Share a video; start a conversation

Aug 24, 2011

by Chip McComb

At Kiwanis, our video team churns out dozens of videos each year highlighting the work of our members, our clubs and our leaders. We rely heavily on video to promote the mission and the message of Kiwanis and our Service Leadership Programs.

Did you know that these videos don’t just live on our website? Not only do we have a YouTube channel for you to watch and browse our videos, but we also have made our entire video library available for anyone to download! Simply head to http://KiwanisOne.org/GetVideos.

We know Wi-Fi is not always available at club meetings, so download a video to your computer or smart phone and share it at your next club meeting. It’s a great way to inspire someone with the message of Kiwanis.

Here are my favorite videos of 2011:

  • The Eliminate Project PSA—view or download 
  • The Eliminate Project—By the numbers—view or download 
  • 2011 Kiwanis One Day (Imperial Beach-South Bay, California)—view or download
  • June Message from President Sylvester Neal—view or download 
  • Kiwanis Kids Promo—view or download [coming soon]

If you have any questions about Kiwanis video resources, please check out our video guide.

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