Utilizing Twitter for your club

Oct 19, 2011
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by Julie Stutzman

For most nonprofit organizations, there’s always some sort of challenge with communicating with the community at large. For Kiwanis letting current members know about the next meeting, service project or telling the community about your Kiwanis club, can be difficult.

What if there was a way to start making those connections? Connections that allow you to talk about your club and promote Kiwanis’ cause for free. Twitter can help you do exactly that.

While the idea of using Twitter, or any other social media platform, seems daunting and unnecessary, having a Twitter account for your club can actually generate awareness in the community.

Why is it worth it? Twitter can help you:
  • Announce upcoming meetings (date, time, location)
  • Increase knowledge of the club and its mission
  • Generate curiosity among potential members
  • Engage with potential donors
  • Seek out potential volunteers
  • Share good news about what the club is doing
  • Promote fundraising/service opportunities
  • Ask questions and foster conversations
Twitter offers the chance for your club to connect with fellow Kiwanians and non-Kiwanians in your community, government officials and other service clubs in your area or around the country. Think of it as an influx of ideas and support that may not have otherwise been there.

Check out the Kiwanis Twitter account and other clubs’ accounts for ideas on content and who to follow.


If you need more ideas, visit the Twitter accounts of these influential non-profits.

Tell us how your club uses Twitter.


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