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Oct 28, 2011

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by Lanton Lee

One of the greatest service impacts a Kiwanis club can have is to sponsor one or more of our Service Leadership Programs clubs: K-Kids, Builders Club, Key Club, Circle K or Aktion Club. These clubs give our youth, young adults and adults with disabilities the opportunity to develop their leadership skills through the vehicle of service. My experiences as a Key Club member in Ohio and as a Circle K member at The Ohio State University are the only reasons I’ve been a Kiwanis member for the past 22 years. I joined Kiwanis right out of graduate school because I felt an obligation to make sure other students have the same opportunities I did to develop my leadership skills.

Many youth and young adults need positive role models, and Kiwanis members can fulfill that role through sponsorship of a Service Leadership Programs club. Also, sponsorship of an SLP club can help provide a Kiwanis club with new service projects and the opportunity to expand the Kiwanis reach. Imagine what your Kiwanis club could do in the community with a Key Club as a partner on service projects. SLP clubs can help strengthen a Kiwanis club by providing the opportunity to strengthen your membership base by getting parents, grandparents, teachers, school administrators and SLP club alumni to join the Kiwanis club as members. Another benefit of sponsorship is the added member enthusiasm your club members will have when working with these energetic and motivated youth, young adults and adults with disabilities.

Click here for additional information on how to be a great sponsor of our SLP clubs. 

I believe these programs are the most impactful service we can do as Kiwanis members!

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