Do you really know who your members are?

Dec 05, 2011

Chess pieces 
Photo by stephen_bolen under CC BY 2.0.

by Stephanie Ursini

Are you an avid reader, golfer, scuba diver, coin collector, geocasher, chess player, hiker, swimmer, dog or cat enthusiast?

Wouldn’t you like to know what you have in common with your other club members? You can if you use a Volunteer Interest Form. One is available on www.KiwanisOne.org. Just type “Volunteer Interest Form” in the search window.

If you have an idea for a different kind of form that might be shorter or more specific to your type of club, create your own. And find out what you have in common with your members. Better yet, discover how great this will be for new members to learn about you!

By the way, I love to read and I’m a coin collector. Anyone have that in common with me?


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