Spotlight on service - Brenda Batschelet, Raccoon Valley Aktion Club

Oct 05, 2012

Brenda BatscheletLike many people, Brenda Batschelet is shy by nature, but she became a leader in her community when the opportunity arose. As a member of Aktion Club, a Kiwanis service organization for adults with disabilities, she was a key part of the Relay for Life Committee in Jefferson, Iowa.

Brenda was integral to the success of the event, which raises money and awareness for American Cancer Society. She organized her Aktion Club to create posters and schedule the popcorn sellers for the Relay for Life event, and to collect the money afterward. She also grew personally, participating actively in local Relay for Life preparation meetings and giving spoken reports to her Aktion Club afterward.

Read more about Brenda on the Champions of Change blog.

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