Book distribution targets Antiquan

Oct 09, 2012

Book distribution targets Antiquan

Buoyed by a gift of more than 35,000 books from Children’s Chance Inc., the Kiwanis Club of Saint John’s Antigua bolsters school bookshelves in impoverished areas through the island and the neighboring island of Barbuda. Also in the club’s radar as recipients of books are libraries, children’s wards in hospitals, community centers, and the Circle K Club at Antigua College, which stages a distribution project of its own. Here’s a quick rundown with tips provided by the Kiwanis Club of Saint John’s: 

Number of people needed for this project: Thirty-two, which is the entire membership of the club. 

Approximate cost of this project: Because books are donated to the club, the only costs incurred are those for transportation, which are borne by club members. 

Main object: To promote reading and to replenish libraries at schools in need. 

How much time was needed to plan a book distribution: About two hours is needed for each distribution, most of which involves sorting and preparing the books for shipment. 

Five keys to organizing a similar book distribution: 

  1. Once a school in need is identified, contact the principal and arrange for a distribution. 
  2. Schedule a book-sorting session offsite with club members.
  3. Determine the age group of students and include appropriate books to be distributed. 
  4. Sort books and prepare them for distribution.
  5. Send out media releases promoting the event and follow up with similar releases once it is over.


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