Kid-to-kid advice on charitable giving

Nov 06, 2012
A Kid's Guide to Giving

This guide to charitable giving just might make an impression on your club members—it was written by a kid.

At age 14, Freddi Zeiler realized there were children going hungry, working instead of going to school and fighting diseases that were no longer a threat in our part of the world. She did some research about organizations dealing with these issues and how she could best lend her support. With a little encouragement, she decided to compile her research into a guide to charitable giving for other kids her age.

Freddi’s manual is a quick read that encourages kids to consider what issues are close to their hearts and to research their options on which organizations to support. She defines ways to contribute: by giving money, things or time. And she offers a reference list of charities, organized by the issues they address: people, animals and the environment.

This book inspires and motivates people of all ages to care about others and to do something about it. Consider adding A Kid's Guide to Giving to your reading list.

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